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TAL Products and Ross Disposable Products are the ethical supplier of products to the food industry, health industry and food service industry. We have been doing business in Toronto for over 45 years. We have grown from a small local supplier of shopping bags into a national company supplying over 10,000 items to businesses, and hospitals all over Canada.

We have the most up-to-date products and knowledge on food safety, HAACP and other food certifications. We also carry the Health Canada Medical Establishment license. We have all the information you need no matter what the industry.

Many of the companies today are supplying products, on price only, they do not have the focus that TAL has on the food and health industry. We maintain quality assurance and controls in our own warehouse that guarantee the safety and cleanliness of the products you receive from us. We have a large warehouse in Toronto and over 20 partners across Canada dedicated to serving our customers the best quality product, accurate order processing and on time service. EVERYTIME!

We are able to guarantee a virtual 100% accuracy rate and a virtual 100% fill rate on all orders. WE don’t just talk about this. WE DO IT!

These value added services are provided to you at the most competitive price possible with the best products on the market today. We don’t switch brands lightly as we are loyal to our suppliers because they stand behind their products and services like we do at TAL Products and Ross Disposable.

We understand saving money and we know that having the correct product in your hands, when you need it, on time, every time is worth money in the bank!

Our average employee tenure of 10 years is testament to the positive work ethic and environment we have cultivated at TAL Products. We have a very diverse and talented team who strive to provide the ultimate customer experience whether on line, on the phone or in person.

Please call our representatives any time between 8am and 6pm Eastern Standard and see for yourself what excellent customer service feels like!