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  • ClearShield® Maximum Protection and Hydration. What Makes This Product Unique?

    The body has many lines of defense to help protect itself from harm. The skin is the first line of defense. Nature did not intend for the skin to be exposed to odors, stains, dirt, chemicals and irritants. ClearShield® Maximum Protection and Hydration is a non-toxic, biodegradable barrier, designed to be applied t...

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  • Odour Control

    DOES YOUR WASHROOM or CHANGEROOM SMELL CLEAN? It’s difficult to keep a constant watch on the cleanliness of a busy washroom. It is probably one of the worst jobs in any company. Keeping it odour free is the first line of defense when trying to give the room a clean feeling. Most highly advertised retail products are not going to do the trick. Tal Products and

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  • Looks Like Winter has Arrived

    DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE SNOW AND SLUSH? WELL IT’S BACK AGAIN! Winter streets and walkways have become slippery again and are still dangerous, and if not treated quickly and properly accidents can still happen.

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  • Winter Driving and Safe Driving

    As the fall turns into winter, the snow falls and the roads freeze. This makes for a vastly different type of driving. Certain drivers who have experienced this for years adjust quickly. However, despite the best intentions, there are days where the ice or snow is too much for the various drivers on the roadways to deal with, and accidents can occur. No one wants to be part of a pile-up ...

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  • How to Keep your Kids Healthy When Coming Back Home from School

    Whether you realize it or not, your children are exposed to a lot of germs on a day to day basis. While some exposure to germs isn’t bad, excessive exposure can have an impact on your child’s health. Parents need to take steps to keep their child healthy and safe but they also need to make sure they don’t go overboard. As we mentioned before, some exposure to germs isn’t bad. The...

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